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A Leading Provider

For over 25 years, Quality Industrial Distribution has been a leading provider of construction and industrial supplies to Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. Selected as a "Strategic Supplier" in 1995, we have built our reputation on expedient and mistake-free performance. Utilizing the "just in time" concept of inventory control and usage, the company delivers completed orders from more than 1200 in-stock items within 24-hours of an order being placed. We offer a broad spectrum of products and services that have progressed and adapted to change. One of the most stringent of the many contractual requirements is a 95% or better on-time delivery rate. With our vast experience in the fossil fuel and alternative energy markets, the company is constantly sourcing new technology, positioning itself to service the providers of our future energy supply. With input and recommendations from our customers, we have compiled an extensive list of manufacturers that represent the future of the construction, infrastructure, and maintenance of these facilities.

The Quality Industrial Distribution Mission:

To provide error-free, complete delivery of select quality products to the customer—when they want it, where they want it and how they want it—at the lowest possible cost.

Here to Help the Customer

"Our orders are taken for granted," "We get the order when they feel like sending it," or "Our systems contract started low, but the prices always seem to go up." Sound like familiar complaints? Distributors have lost touch with the very reason they are in business—to satisfy the customer. Give us the opportunity to help you and we will deliver quality products, on time, at the lowest possible cost. Our inventory is customized to fit our customers' needs, specifically what they need to run their businesses. We are our customers' storeroom.

If You Can't Find It, We Can!

Do you have specialty items and are having difficulty finding them through traditional sources? We will find any item no matter how unique. We deliver it on time and at the lowest possible cost. Let us do the ground work. Our professional purchasing agents have many years of experience finding those hard to come by items.